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My name is Sunny Trochaniak, and I’m a 26 year old working/living/playing in Waterloo Ontario.

I grew up as a kid loving to play video games. And by video games, I mean just one: the NHL series. It started in 1998, and repeated itself every year thereafter.

What I didn’t expect, is that this ‘colossal waste of time’ would actually play a large part in sculpting me to who I am today. I began creating custom goalie equipment, and ran 30-team simulation leagues, developing my understanding of design and community-building.

I then went on to getting my Bachelor’s of Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, one of Canada’s top business schools. It was there that I learned business, marketing, and a bunch of other fun stuff. More importantly, it’s where I had the experience of a lifetime.

Meetings hundreds of new people each year, being completely independent for the first time, living with and going on adventures with some of your best friends – it’s not every day that you get this opportunity. I tried to take full advantage of it, and really developed as a person.

And then “real-life” hit. I started a full-time job, bought a car, and bought a house. While I’d love nothing more than a chance to go back to the good ‘ol university days, settling down a bit has allowed me to develop thoughts with greater clarity, and has given me a chance to think about my goals in life and actually start making progress towards them.

The why –

So that explains how I am where I am today, and how I got to creating this blog and community of followers.

It’s time to get to the why.

When I first created my personal website, its intention was nothing more than to serve as a resume-booster. A means for employers to find me online. My “About Me” page was simply a copy of my resume.

I’m sure you’ve heard it 100x before, but we’ve developed a culture of ‘grow up, be a good kid at school, go to college, get good grades, graduate, get a stable job… and then stick to it for the next 50 years.’

I’ve eventually realized that life is so much more than that. We all get so caught up in what others are doing, and what others are telling us to do, that we forget to live it on our own.

We forget what makes us excited, and we forget what makes us happy.

So that’s the direction I’m looking to take this blog. My goal is to experiment and discover, and share my results with others – all while building a community that pushes us and supports us to discover that much faster.

I’d love nothing more than for you to join me. If you’re in, shoot me a message and let me know. Let’s connect. Lastly, subscribe to my email list below; it lets me know that people are enjoying what I put out.


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