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Personal branding. Career coaching.

Not more than a few years ago, everything I did was in an attempt to fit in. I wanted to wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, and speak in the same slang. I wanted to be great at being like everyone else.

Until I realized that being the same made things very difficult. No matter what it was that I wanted, I always found myself competing with the other 97% of people that I was striving to become.

So I decided to heavily invest in myself. I decided to now strive to become part of the 3% that was running the other way.

I fire-hosed myself with new information, but was making a conscious attempt to put it into action every single day. ‘What are most people doing, and how can I flip it upside down?’

I found this mindset to improve nearly every area of my life. I became happier, healthier, formed deeper relationships, and seemingly became better at everything I did.

It all really comes down to two things: being confident, and being different. In other words, it comes down to being your true self.

Understanding these two things has also allowed me help others along the way, particularly when it comes to their careers. What I’ve found I’m effective at is helping people get a job they love, and/or move on to bigger and better opportunities.

An example of some of the things I help people with include: reviewing your LinkedIn profile, crafting a killer social presence, developing a personal website, rethinking your job application process, and fine-tuning your interview strategy. I also try to help people who are taking it one step further, and are moving away from the limitations of possessing a job altogether.

If any of this resonates with you, give me a shout and we’ll see how we can help you break apart from the crowd.



Lead generation. Digital Marketing.

I’ve been using computers for a while now – my first was a Window 3.1 supermachine. It may not sound as impressive as the 2 year old toddlers navigating through their iPads, but it means one thing: I understand technology.

Combine this skillset with an education and passion for business, and you have what I am today; a Digital Marketer.

My bread and butter lies in crafting digital marketing strategies. Let’s work together on developing a strong online brand presence, drive more traffic to your site, and convert those visitors into paying customers.

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